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This is certainly not breaking news. But what’s more surprising to me is the fact that, India’s low cost $35 tablet is running quite decently, as shown on “Gadget Guru”, the gadget show on NDTV. We are still not sure who will manufacture these ultra low cost tablets, running on Open Source platform, but Mr. Kapil Sibal, (the Human Resource Minister, Government of India) has promised that he would be in position to deliver 1 million copies of tablet by 2011. Interesting!

As claimed earlier, we were skeptical about success of such project. There were two reasons for this. First, the cost of manufacturing of tablet is prohibitively low and second, its government initiative. But after watching the show, I could certainly spot silver lining in initiative.  One more positive chord struck by minister is the partnership model brought on fore to develop tools for tablet. Tablet would be running either on Windows CE, Linux or Google’s Android OS, but to keep tablet cost low, you don’t have much choice.

Watch details of tablet below (Quite interesting video).

And also keep eye on progress of tablet development.

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