The idea of ‘Telecomblogs’ was born in Mar 2009 (you can still visit my old portal here), apparently by accident. Before that, I was happily blogging for SiliconIndia for over a year or so. And since inception, I have covered topics in 100 different categories with more than 1000 Blogs and still going strong.

This year, 2021, we are celebrating 13th birthday of Telecomblogs! What an incredible journey so far!

So what Telecomblogs is all about?

In short, it’s a Blogging portal dedicated to Telecom Fraternity, but not limited to them. I often find the term ‘Telecom’ misquoted and limited in its appeal. With the advent of Cloud, AI/ML and Industry 4.0 era, we almost see the Telecommunication sector’s metamorphosis. With technology, devices & services convergence, we need to find the greater meaning of ‘Telecom’, which is much more than just Tele-Communication now. Contemporary Telecom is the convergence of Communication Technology, Software & Internet, and it’s impossible to separate one from another. Telecomblogs is all about understanding convergence and finding the bigger picture of everything we know.

My approach towards Technology blogging remained the same over the last few years; take one topic about telecom the industry and do in-depth analysis. So be it start-ups in India or Qualcomm’s LTE gamble or even giving product review of Android, I was clear of my views; non-biased and straightforward. More often, I tried to keep it short and simple too.

Where do I go from here?

I am looking forward to more collaboration with contemporary tech-bloggers and creating a knowledge platform to serve the wider audience. I am open to all your requests, suggestions, comments, and feedback. Feel free to contact me and giving inputs too, which will give this serving platform a greater objective and new meaning.


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