This is off track from what I usually write. But this could be helpful to anyone, who is planning to buy a flat panel LCD/LED/Plasma display TV this festive season.

In India, you may rarely find ‘Energy Consumption’ readings on TV boxes.  Reason being; there’s little awareness about such things. People tend to be little more surprised, finding that their electricity bills have shoot up, after purchasing latest market gadgets like flat panel displays etc. A little awareness in this regard may help in choosing wisely.

Please note down few things below before making decision on buying latest LCD/LED/Plasma TV:

  • Bigger the screen size more will be the power consumption. A 32″ LCD TV is likely to consume half as much as power compared to 52” LCD TV.
  • Plasma TV consumes more power than LCD type.
  • With LCD types, backlight shines through an LCD panel to create an image. So the TV power consumption is largely independent of screen resolution.
  • Most recent LCD based TVs use LED backlight. LED backlight LCDs are the most energy efficient TVs in market, although the cost on power saving compared to standard LCDs may vary.

There’re other factors such as picture settings & brightness control, which could help you in understanding more about power consumption and picture quality. Choose these settings wisely to reduce your TV power consumption aka electricity bills. To read more about TV’s power consumption basics, read on.

In the end, check out the comparison chart of power consumption of different flat panel TVs available in the market. A wise choice based on energy efficient TV models is surely going to cut your household electricity consumption, both in short & long term. Though this chart has been prepared based on Department of Energy, US guideline, you could still find it usable here in India.

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