Enea Openwave is first to optimize Apple TV+ Streaming Service

Video could make up 90% of 5G traffic, as additional video streaming services such as Disney+ are launching in Q4 2019

Enea ®(Nasdaq Stockholm: ENEA) today announced that Enea Openwave has successfully optimized Apple’s new streaming service, Apple TV+, over mobile networks, using unique traffic management technology. Enea Openwave was able to achieve this in less than 24 hours after the service launched on November 1. Algorithms, which are device, resolution, codec and context-aware, were used to dynamically optimize Apple’s encrypted video content to deliver a higher quality viewing experience to mobile users that reduce video stalling and increases video watch time.

The streaming wars intensify when on November 12, Disney+ launches to compete with Netflix, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video. With a host of other streaming services waiting in the wings for launch in 2020 including HBO Max and NBCUniversal’s Peacock. Enea Openwave’s Machine Learning-based technology will be able optimize these streaming services dynamically as they go live.

As 5G deployments start to grow, OTTs are ramping up investment in streaming services. Apple has spent over $6 billion on securing new content and Disney spent billions investing in new technological infrastructure and acquiring 21st Century Fox. A growing number of consumers indicate that they will be streaming more over 5G; in fact Enea Openwave’s research from the Mobile Video Industry Council indicates that over 90% percent of 5G traffic will be video, layered with encryption More OTT video content being consumed over mobile could be a major headache for operators – even on 5G.

“Managing the video experience is vital for operators to ensure end-user quality of experience”, said Indranil Chatterjee, Senior Vice President of Products, Sales & Marketing at Enea Openwave. “Within hours of its launch, our machine learning-based technology detected and optimized Apple TV+. Conventional technology is not fit for purpose, as it requires manual configuration – time operators just don’t have. Our solution works across OTT streams and takes into the account user device, application, radio congestion and ultimately delivers streaming video to mobile devices at a higher quality with reduced stalling.”

Openwave Mobility recently announced the launch of the Radio Access Network – Congestion Manager, which cuts the number of congested cells by 20 percent. The company works with 8 out of the 10 largest multi-territory mobile operator groups and has a footprint of more than 2 billion subscribers.

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